Occult LLC Kayak Drain Plug (2 Pack) – Hardware Kit Included | Durable Hole Seal | Easy Installation

Occult LLC Kayak Drain Plug (2 Pack) - Hardware Kit Included | Durable Hole Seal | Easy Installation

  • Hardware Included – Install with options. These kayak drain plugs come with two different variations of hardware. There are rivets for the tough to reach undersides through the plastic of your kayak, as well as bolts to allow you to easily apply a backside bolt and get out on the water.
  • Rubber Seal – A formed seal sits snug against the backside of the hard plastic to turn your kayak into a waterproof sealed off vessel. Shaped the same way as the hard plastic, it maintains a secure fit while looking sleek at the same time.
  • Extreme Strength – Crafted from hard plastic, these rubber plugs are made to last every kayaking trip you’re headed out on. The hard plastic located at the top of the plug has a gap in the middle to allow your fingers to slide right in place and secure a tight seal while staying durable enough not to flex.
  • Twist-In System – Once the kayak drain plugs are installed, simply untwist the switch in the counterclockwise direction to unseal, and clockwise to tighten (Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty). These steps can be completed in a matter of seconds to seal up your boat or allow water to drain out.
  • Easy Installation – Once you have your choice of hardware selected, simply locate where you would like your plugs to go. If you kayak already has a pre-set location for a drain plug skip step one. Insert your hardware with your plug to secure to your kayak. If you want an even more secure seal, try adding some waterproof sealant to the hardware and the underside of the rubber.

Go out on the water without fear with a two pack of kayak drain plugs whether it be a brand new kayak or replacement part. This kit has all the hardware necessary to install directly on the kayak. Easily install in minutes to get back out on the water. Pretection, secure, strong, and vibration absorbing! The universal plug fits most kayaks and allow water to stop intruding from the hull, as well as an easy way to drain fluid out of the kayak. Typically located in the bow and stern of the vessel, this can often be found in dinghy’s, canoe’s, small boats, and many other marine water toys. The underside of the plug has a rubber gasket that runs the same diameter around the plug as the hard plastic to allow a complete seal. Hardware included in the kit is all you will need to secure to your kayak. You can also use waterproof sealant to further the seal.

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