Kayak Handles (2 Pack) – Strong T-Handle Design | Ultra Heavy Duty Bungee | Replacement Installation Kit – Occult

Kayak Handles (2 Pack) - Strong T-Handle Design | Ultra Heavy Duty Bungee | Replacement Installation Kit - Occult

  • SLICK DESIGN – Occult kayak handles are made to look slick, and cover up any loose ends for a slick design. Quality assurance is our number one priority so you can assure yourself that you’re getting what you need, when you need it!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Put the handles on your kayak in seconds in three easy steps. 1) Loop the string through your mounting location. 2) Put booth ends of the string through the hole in the middle of the kayak handle. 3) Tie off the string in a knot, and place the cover shield over the top.
  • DURABLE – Kayaks are heavy, we get that. We designed these handles with that in mind. Heavy duty plastics are used to create the handles, and heavy duty, high quality string that isn’t too bulky is used to tie them together. Assure that if you are getting these new or using as a replacement, you will be covered.
  • SIZING – The handles are 4″ long and ⅞” wide. The rope is just under 1/4″ thick in diameter. The package comes with 2 x 16″ extra long strings that can be used as is, or cut down to size if you would like to eliminate some slack. The gray plastic cover snaps right into the main handle so you can’t even tell they are there.
  • COMFORT – The handles are designed with four concave locations for your hands to slip right into. The width of the handles are rounded off to fit your hand, and aren’t too bulky for discomfort. The cover sits flush with the handle so you can’t even tell it is there.

Whether your kayak handles broke and you’re looking for a replacement, or your kayak didn’t come with handles, Occult has you covered. First and foremost quality and usability is number one. Manufactured and designed under quality assurance, you can make sure you get exactly what you need to get back on the water. Unlike traditional one piece kayak handles that are typically pretty bulky, these compact and lightweight kayak handles are there to help portage your kayak from location A to B. Small holes on the sides of the kayak handles allow water to drain out, so it doesn’t pool up. The semi smooth surface of the plastic allows for comfort, while also allowing you to easily grip and hang on. No mounts are included within the kit. How to Use: 1) Insert one string through the fastening location on your kayak. Cut off access string if needed to fit your requirements. 2) Insert both ends of the tie into the center hole on the side with the ridges on the kayak handle. 3)Tie off the two loose ends into a knot, and tuck the remaining ends back into the handle, or cut off. Snap the cover on with a firm push, and your handle is ready to go! Package Includes: 2x Kayak Handles 2x Plastic Covers 2x 16″ Strings

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