Freegrace Waterproof Lightweight Dry Sack/Dry Bags with Seals and Phone Case -Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping and Fishing

Freegrace Waterproof Lightweight Dry Sack/Dry Bags with Seals and Phone Case -Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping and Fishing

  • ✔ 2L size: 10.4 x 7.2 inch(0.18 Pounds/80g); 5L size: 15.2 x 10.9 inch(0.33 Pounds/150g); 10L size: 16.7 x 12.6 inch(0.44 Pounds/200g); 35-50L size: 27.95 x 19.68 inch(0.567 Pounds/259g); 65-80L size: 37 x 20.86 inch(0.779 Pounds/354g) and Phone Case: 6.7” x 3.9” (3.2 Oz/ 90g).
  • ✔ SUPER-VALUE SET of 2 -This top notch waterproof bags set is the perfect combination of premium quality, extreme durability, maximum protection and low cost! Make it yours and enjoy boating, rafting and kayaking to the fullest!
  • ✔ WATERPROOF DRY BAG with Double Zip Lock Seals! -Say goodbye to traditional roll-top dry bag which doesn’t have any seal to protect your valuable items dry when it is submerged underwater! Freegrace Dry Bag using Premium Double Closure Strip Seals which is TWICE safer than any roll top dry bag available on market. Anything you put inside will STAY DRY even from Water Submersion!
  • ✔ SAFELY USE YOUR PHONE WHILE DOING WATER SPORTS: This set also includes a waterproof phone case. Now, you can text, talk, take pictures and videos when you are in the pool or the sea! This dry cell phone case can fit an iPhone 7 plus and it is touch screen friendly.
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT DRY BAG! -Never deal with heavy or stiff dry bags again! Our dry bag made of premium lightweight material is your answer (30% Lighter Than Any Dry Bags on the Markets). Travel lightweight without burden. Say goodbye to exhaustion at the end of the long journey!

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Activities And Keep All Your Stuff Perfectly Protected From Water Thanks To The Ultimate Waterproof Dry Bags Set!

Following an active lifestyle and doing outdoor activities such as kayaking and rafting can be incomparably exciting!

However, water can literally ruin your cell phone, camera or wallet.

If you have been looking for an effective way to keep all your personal belongings dry no matter what extreme water activity you do, your quest stops here!

The Freegrace lightweight outdoor dry bag set for swimming and camping is exactly what you need.

Premium Quality And Design

This top notch set includes the best waterproof dry bag for snorkeling, kayaking and any water sports. It is made of 250D Tarpaulin that makes it sturdy, lightweight and tear resistant.

Apart from its high quality construction, it features a practical design which makes it incomparably useful and easy to use.

✔ Double closure strip seals for maximum safety

✔ Hook on the top for hanging it on the bag.

This scuba and kayak waterproof dry bag will keep your things dry even if you submerge it into water!

Get A Cell Phone Case

You will get a practical waterproof cell phone case that is IPX8 CERTIFIED WATERPROOF; Offers waterproof / snowproof / dirtproof protection for your device while maintaining full touch screen functionality.

From now on you can enjoy your water adventures and keep all your things safe and dry!

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now While Supplies Still Last!

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